Good Luck!
Good Luck to everyone else in college!  Have had a great time blogging with everyone here!

It is hard to believe that when i first say the course information section for this class my first reaction was, wow 500-700 word essays.  I now have to say that isn't many words.  I didn't do well in school with english class.  Actually, i think, my senior year I missed most days of English class because it was the last period of the day.  That would be one of the reasons I wasn't doing well since a percentage of the grading was class attendence.  I know that is why English 101 and EN102 are the only classes i plan to take via internet.  I was going to try another one, PY 207, in the fall but I have decided to take it on campus instead.  Being at home most days kinda brings you down.  Since I already take 2 classes on campus already, I have made friends for the first time since being out of highschool.  If I seclude myself by taking more online it will only hurt myself more.    I have a busy weekend ahead.  Chem test monday and Psychology test tuesday.  lots of studing.  Only breaks i'll get is to read the other essays and post the comments.  But i am still liking this whole college experence so far.

Proposal Draft

Special Education at what cost

In recent economic times schools are trying to find ways to cut back. They are struggling to make ends meet. The Superintendent and Board of Education are making tough decisions. With the time frame they are given to decide on the budget for the next school year they don’t have time to make rational decisions. This year at Waterville Central School, Waterville, NY the school has decided that the major cut they would make to save the tax payers money would be to jobs. They sent to the voters a proposed budget with a zero percent increase in exchange for the layoffs of ten teachers. These jobs would be taken from the special education department.  

Why the special education department? Do they not realize how important this section is to the children? They have put a price on the children, even stating that one of the children placed in the department a few years ago whom was deaf cost the school x amount of dollars. Why, at this hard time in every one’s life, would they consider cutting jobs to save money just to present a zero increase budget? The board of education meetings were crowded with outraged teachers and parents. If a child in school is looked at this way now, then where are we going in the future?  

Children that are in special education are there because they need the extra help.  In cutting these positions this is going to create larger class sized with the remaining teachers. The Superintendent stated that the class sizes could be increased to allow for fewer teachers. This is going to hurt the students. In a special education setting a child needs the one on one that is not usually offered in the standard classroom because the class size is usually 18-25 per teacher. I know of one class that had 10 special education students with one teacher and sometimes but not always there was a teacher assistant also. This size I feel is still too big but, far more reasonable that the proposed 15-18 that the state allows.

The Superintendent and Board of Education were offered other options by the Teachers Association for cuts that could be made to the budget. None of these cuts were placed into it. What he should have done though was take better concern for the children he is “responsible.” Why not cut the funding for the athletic department? Instead of putting money in his own pocket why didn’t he propose himself a pay cut? 

The voters should’ve been given the option to decide if they wanted the cuts to the department or a tax increase. Why shouldn’t the voters be given two budgets to vote on?  I am a taxpayer. I know I pay a tremendous amount for taxes, but given the ultimatum of cutting the teachers I would’ve chosen the tax increase. The music department was cut in prior years, now it does fundraising for their musicals or marching band. The athletic department should be made to do the same. The student activities departments, such as student council, raises money from dances, they should be able to do more so they would get less money from the budget. 

The Board of Education should have taken more time on this year’s budget. The future of these children was placed in the wrong hands this time. They should have made a more rash decision and made cuts somewhere else. Even if they did cut two or three of the teachers instead of ten they would have offset enough to bring a small increase in taxes for the sake of the children. When you start placing a price value on a child’s education how can you sleep at night. If you have a child that is in need of a special education the only value that should be placed is the respect they have for them self. The budget was passed by the voters, the only increase in taxes this year comes in the price of shame they placed on these special children for the cost that it takes in teaching them.


Writer's Block: When I Was Young
What do you miss most about being a kid?
When I was growing up I would spend holidays, weekends, and vacations with my cousins at there house.  I loved it.  I grew up with a few friends but lived for those times when i could go to there house.  I don't remember much of my childhood.  I kinda like Freud's theory of represed memories. When I think about being little those are the times i remember.  I lived in the waterville ny area but i always say i grew up on Caz or Syracuse.  We used to kid around and say that I was adoped by my parents but that the 3 of us were really sistersand  thats why we were always together.  I guess they were my best friends. 

It escapes me
I was going to come on here and write about somehting earlier but I had to run out the door to class.  Now what ever it was has total escaped me. I honestly have no idea what it was.  I don't remember if it was about school or life.  I guess I will just have to wait to see if I remember and write it later.  I'm sure I will think of it around the time i'm ready to crash.

Writer's Block: You're a Winner!
Have you ever won a contest, drawing, or lottery? What was the prize?
I won a contest in grade school one time for naming something.  Don't remember what I had to name or what the name was for that matter.  I got my photo in the town newspaper but I believe that was all I won.  I also won at playing Bingo one time a few years ago.  Think it may have been for $20 or something.  I don't gamble so I won't win at that and if I ever do go to the casino I never spend enough to win.  Next time I do decide to go I will just go to the roulette table and bet everything on Black.  It is more fun than sitting at slots or playing cards, they take to long.

Writer's Block: Last Meal
What do you want your last meal to be?
I don't think I would want anything.  I don't think I would be able to stomach food at a time like that.  If I didn't know it was going to be my last meal, I guess I would choose chicken & Broccoli w/ Prov cheese wrapped in creasant roll or just about anything.  I'm not real fussy.

Common Sense?
Where does one learn common sense, or is it learned at all?  We all know 2+2=4 and our ABC's.  By the time we are in college we would consider this common sense, right?  This is only common to us know cause we learned this between the ages of 2 and 6.  I know how to take care of my children, what they like to eat, what they don't.  To me it's common sense compared to say my parents wouldn't know that much.  A doctor knows all about the medical field where some people don't know much. To the doctor it becomes common sense.  When you come across someone that doesn't know something that you had considered common sense what do you say or do?  I know some people call them stupid others just get mad.  So wouldn't you then think that common sense must actually be learned?

In regards to a post from robtastic76
I wouldn't say I don't belive in the paranormal but yet I wouldn't say I do either.  We, my husband and I, recently built a house in the country.  When I say country I mean literly in the middle of a corn field that was actually knocked over to build it.  I would say about 3 months in I found a "tombstone" at the end of the driveway.  The "tombstone" was one like you put out at Halloween time on your front lawn.  This was the end of August though.  It was very weathered and part of the paint was gone.  The name was missing but the date was early to mid 1800's and it states a person died by being hit by a cow.  I had come and gone through the driveway a few times already that day before I found it.  There was no digging that day or the prior week so it wouldn't have been unearthed.  The house sits about 150' from the road and I found it roughly 30' from the road.  We kept the sign, for what ever reason, in the back hall and in the basement for about 1 yr.  No big deal, maybe.  But this was odd cause there was only my husband, son, daughter,father, mother, one family friend, and myself who built the house.  So it wasn't a contractor prank.  Where did the "tombstone" come from?  Next, we had been taking photos of all the building thus far.  ALL photos up till then are clear and wonderful of the house.  After that day we found that the photos, even taken outside, are fuzzy or cloudy and some have small white circles.  No damage to the camera cause it still took great photos at school and family events.  2 months later we had Christmas at the new house.  The photos on Christmas Eve are blah with circles but, Christmas Day are clear.  Christmas Day is the only day, fortunatly, the photos were clear. Until September/ October '08 when I took the "tombstone" out of the house.  The photos since then are all clear.  During that time we did buy a new camera and I had upgraded my cell to a texting/camera phone.  Reason i mention that is cause those photos taken with the new devices were still cloudy prior to removing the sing and are not clear also.  Do I belive, maybe.  I have the "tombstone" still I put it out back but it will not come back in the house. I guess you could say i'm a little supersticious that something bad will happen if I get rid of it.  I'm not sure how to interpert the whole thing. The circles could be dust particals, they do move if taking more than one photo of the same thing.  The sign could have been thrown up the hill and around the cornstalks a little from a moving vehicle to make it roughly 30' from the road. Since it is flat and light it could have flown like a frisbe.

Informative writing
Informative writing is like the basis of all writing.  It needs to have a clear topic, interesting and honest, The writing needs to be researched.  Although, compared to the reflective piece with Informative writing you give more detail into the topic, you support more facts. 

One of the differences that I have noticed in informative writing at the college is you need to reference your work. Specifically meaning that if you use direct information from a source you need to note it right away.  When you read a magazine or newspaper they may quote someone with " " .    Writing in college and even professionally would have a specific topic pool for witch a writer would write from than there would be in a magazine, newspaper or especially an instruction manual.   The college writer would more than likely write about a certain area a Professor requests or a more evasive topic.  The professional writer would go into much more detail that a magazine article.  Professional writers would create books. A professional business person would create an informative proposal.  Where as, the newspaper and magazine writer may write about a current event or topic of interest.  The instruction manual writer has only one topic available to them and that would be to instruct the writer on how to use a specific instrument. 

All writers need to do there research and somehow inform the reader what they intended.  An informative writing piece doesn't give an argument regarding the subject. Instead what the writing should be able to do is give the reader enough information they would be able to complete an argument with another reader. 


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